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Guiding you toward the improvement of your personal health, fitness, wellness and sense of wonder in life is what Denny Zen is all about.  The term “Zen” may conjure images of tranquil Japanese gardens or a lounge with Eastern themed decor.  Here Zen is used to mean “discovering the sacred now – perceiving the truth at this moment,” a key tenet of Zen Buddhism.  Finding your truth, the sacred place within you, gives you the passion, motivation and freedom to succeed.


Advancement of the human condition through information sharing on wellness topics, providing services and suggestions that empower you and enhance the quality of your life, and helping people worldwide to develop their physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, relational and creative potential are the goals of this site.  We’re here to help you fulfill your wellness needs, reach your dreams, make a positive impact on the world and be the happiest, healthiest, best person you can be.

Please visit the Denny Zen Blog on this site for the latest posts on all things related to holistic health, fitness, wellness, creativity and spirituality. meditation_zen_moon Posts there are meant to encourage and enlighten your sense of personal wellness.  Please contact us to schedule wellness services or with any questions you may have.  Your comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated.  It’s our honor and privilege to help you be happy, healthy, whole and well!

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