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DennyZen1Denny Zen Wellness and DennyZen.com is the brainchild of Dennis Johnson, OM, CPT, CHT. After thirteen years of providing world-class fitness and wellness services to thousands of satisfied clientele in the private and corporate sectors in both the New York City and Tampa Bay metro areas, Dennis realized it was time to share his perspectives on living a happy, healthy, full and vibrant life with a wider online audience. Denny Zen is the culmination of Dennis’ education and experience as a wellness provider and his meditations on life, love and leading a purposeful, creative and spiritual existence. The Denny Zen Blog on this site is meant to keep you apprised of the latest holistic health, fitness and wellness information available and to inspire you to be your personal best. It is also intended as a guide to those looking to improve their lives through the advancement of their personal creativity, spirituality, success and wellness. Information and opinions shared on this site are based on Dennis’ knowledge and education, his practice as a coach, trainer, therapist, spiritual advisor and wellness practitioner and his personal life experience. Dennis’ hope is that you’ll find the information on this site helpful in making your life the best it can be and that the wellness services provided by his company will improve your state of mind, body and spirit for good.


Dennis Johnson is currently a professional life coach, hypnotherapist, personal trainer and fitness and wellness provider residing in Tampa, FL. He is also an ordained minister (ULC) with over eight years of spiritual counseling experience. Dennis holds academic degrees in creative writing (MFA- Full Sail University) and drama (BS- Syracuse University) and certifications in hypnotherapy (NIH/IMDHA), personal training (NCSF), functional exercise (NYSC), group fitness (ACE/AAAI), Pilates mat exercise (Stott/Yogilates, Inc., NYC), restorative yoga (Yogafit/CYTA), postural alignment (ECA), flexibility training (Genesis PTSM) and energetic therapy modalities (IGM/NJDE). He is a produced playwright, the author of a children’s book (See Creative Corner) and he has written many screenplays, short stories and poems and presently freelances as a creative writer. Dennis speaks to groups, including the University of Tampa Business School, about improving their personal and professional lives through self-motivation, meditation, creative visualization, positive thinking and purposeful action. His unique insight and empathy for the human condition and his wide-ranging skill sets make him an excellent resource and invaluable ally in your pursuit of personal happiness and wellness. Through regular practice of the fitness, wellness and coaching methods Dennis currently employs with his clientele he can empower you to make positive changes, let go of limiting habits and beliefs, reprogram and redefine yourself and enhance your life experience.


Denny_Yoga1The Denny Zen Blog is also intended as a panorama of Dennis’ knowledge and experience as a therapist, coach and writer and an online journal of his own journey toward personal happiness, wellness and enlightenment that will hopefully serve as an inspiration and self-help vehicle for you. His hope is to help even one person to find some personal encouragement or empowerment by reading his blog. It would be a huge honor and privilege to him! As the name of this site and blog indicates, Dennis has a strain of Eastern philosophy running through him but he also incorporates Western spiritual beliefs into much of his writing and counseling advice. He prefers an eclectic, integrative, holistic, “best of all worlds” approach to his life philosophy and coaching methods. Dennis’ understanding and application of humanist, spiritual and creative principles in his coaching practice is designed to be universal and comprehensive. He appreciates and promotes the diversity of human expression and experience in his own beliefs and life philosophy, as well. His hope is for you to take away the most positive parts of what is shared on this site and relate them to your own perspective as you feel is appropriate and constructive, for your holistic betterment.


Articles and information shared on this site are meant to compliment your understanding of personal wellness practices and empower you to make better choices in your life. If something you read here changes you in some positive way, what a blessing! Information and opinions shared on this site are designed for educational purposes and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any specific health condition, illness or life situation and are not intended to be a substitute for informed medical or psychological advice or care. Please consult your physician or medical provider if you need medical advice or treatment. Information shared on this site is meant to inspire, motivate and encourage you to find personal wellness and solutions for success in your life, on your terms. We are each, after all, the answer to our own riddle.


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From Dennis:

“Here’s a little bit more you might want to know about me… I’m a huge sci-fi/fantasy and adventure flick fanatic, tremendous live theater and music lover, prolific poet and dreamer, world cultures buff, yoga maniac, xeriscape gardener, shameless show tune singer, tabby cat fancier and quinoa recipe enthusiast. I also bake a mean pumpkin pie! In life, I treasure my friends, family, clients and students, honesty and integrity, a fun sense of humor, an adventurous attitude and above all else, open-mindedness. I consider myself a student of the human condition and I never stop learning. I hope you find the philosophies I share interesting, helpful and informative and I hope to inspire you to be your personal best, to find more creativity, understanding and wellness in your life and to connect with your higher power. Indeed, we are each the seed of change we wish to find in the world… may your life be an ever blooming lotus flower. Time to go water the wellness garden! Namaste.”