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Meditation Recharge


            The last couple posts have been about beating stress and finding peace in your life.  In my previous post, “Pray It Forward,” I outlined the benefits of prayer and connecting with your higher self.  Another proven method for finding your divine power and gaining control over your emotions is meditation.  Meditation is a simple, if often misunderstood way to help you minimize stress and develop good habits of wellness over time.  Try the meditation techniques below any given morning, noon or night to recharge, renew and revitalize your day…

Hammock Hanging from Trees

            Find a relaxing place where you won’t be disturbed, close out any distractions and turn off any hand-held devices.  Lying flat on your back or seated in a comfortable reclined position allow your body weight to sink into the surface you’re resting on.  Close your eyes and let your head feel heavy.  Allow your arms and legs to feel heavy, loose and relaxed, like every bone is made of lead.  Imagine feeling a warm wave of relaxation move up from your feet through your legs into your pelvis and spine, moving up through your torso and out through both arms to your hands and fingers.  The warm wave relaxes every part of your body it touches.  Feel it move up through your shoulders and neck, relaxing your throat.  Feel it move up through your head, relaxing your jaw and tongue, relaxing all your facial muscles, all the way up through your scalp.  Feel your eyelids relax.  Notice how heavy, loose and relaxed your whole body has become.  Now notice your breathing.  Notice the natural rhythm and flow of your breath, moving in and out, like the tides of the ocean, ebb and flow, each breath slowing down, deeper and deeper relaxed.  Feel the breath washing over you like a warm wave, whisking away tension.  Feel every breath easing your mind, clearing and calming your body, healing and purifying your soul – energizing every part of you.  As your breath slows, feel it becoming your guide to deeper and deeper levels of total mind and body relaxation.  Allow yourself to feel heavy, letting gravity take over until your whole body is limp and loose.  Let your breath lead you as you give in to a serene feeling, surrendering to your breath, allowing it to guide you deeper into restorative, peaceful, gentle relaxation.  Find a quiet stillness within, a sense of serenity, centered on how calm your breath can become…

breathedeeply            Now feel how relaxed your body has become and know that you can go ten times deeper relaxed just by thinking of going ten times deeper relaxed.  You relax so easily, it’s so easy to just let go and give into gravity.  Notice how heavy your arms and legs feel.  Feel yourself sinking and melting down, deeper into the comfortable surface below you.  Feel your eyeballs sinking into their sockets, sinking deep into your head.  Feel your navel sinking deep into your abdomen, deep down to your spine.  As your sink and melt down, giving into gravity, feeling long and loose and limp and heavy, your body begins to feel lighter and freer.  So light and free that you can begin to drift and float.  Drifting and floating up as if on a bed of air, on a cloud or onto a raft that floats down a lazy river off to a beautiful, peaceful, natural place, there just for you to relax.  It’s the most peaceful place you can imagine.  Allow all the details of that place and time to fill in around you so you can see yourself there.  Now feel yourself there.  Feel the comfort and tranquility all around you.  Notice your breathing, so free and calm and deeply relaxed…

relax-recline            Find a place in that space where you can just lie down and relax.  Maybe it’s a cool, grassy hillside or a warm, sandy beach or a hammock strung up in the shade.  See and feel yourself there, allowing yourself to just lie down and relax there and experience that peaceful place and time just as real as any other experience.  Feel your belly rise and fall with each breath as the breath winds down, winds you down, deeper relaxed.  Allow your mind to wander back to your breath, allow your breath to wind down.  Bathe and bask in the light and warmth of that place and time.  Soak in all the peaceful feelings of that place and time, drinking in those peaceful, serene feelings through every pore.  Absorb those calm, harmonious feelings with every breath until they fill you up inside.  Feel yourself so full of peace and light and joy until it pours back out of you, radiating from you like a star.  Feel yourself shining brightly in all directions, sending out light and love to all those you cherish.  Now take a moment more to notice how radiantly joyful and peaceful you feel all over…

meditation-recline            Take those feelings of serenity and bliss with you for the rest of your day and evening and beyond as a deep sense of harmony and tranquility, of energy and vitality in your life.  Keep that sense of peace and calm with you as you being to return your awareness to the room you’re in, to the present time.  Begin to wiggle your fingers and toes and blink your eyes, adjusting back to the light of the room you’re in now.  Coming back all the way, wide awake and aware, full of energy and vitality, refreshed and recharged all over.  Take one more deep breath and hug yourself with both arms and as you exhale, hold yourself and affirm your health and well being in this moment and feel grateful for your healthy, beautiful body and mind.


            As you practice this meditation its effects will increase over time.  I hope it brings you the calm, clarity and energy that is has so many of my students through the years.  It should take you no more than five to ten minutes to practice each time you do this meditation.  Please do set an alarm if you have to get up after this meditation as it will profoundly relax you and may cause you to drift off to sleep.  As you practice finding that inner space of peace it will become easier to relax at any time, easier to visualize and feel yourself calm, centered and energized in any situation. As you can see, this process has nothing to do with a certain religion or belief system and is designed to be universally effective.  If prayer is asking your higher power for something in question, meditation opens the space in your mind where the answer can be heard.  Since meditation should be a practice that fits your life I suggest finding the right time and space for you to make it a habit.  Try different kinds of background music, chanting, chimes or water sounds to take you there.  Hindu and Buddhist traditions offer plenty of meditative practices, doing yoga or tai chi can work wonders and New Age movements have diversified what meditation can mean.  It’s up to you how you want to meditate, but it takes time, effort and discipline for it to work in your favor.  Remember, no matter how you practice, start off small and simple and allow it to build over time.  It’s a process that processes.


            Another way you can simply recharge and unwind is to lie quietly for a few moments and take some deep, slow breaths, picturing your mind as a cluttered desk.  Begin removing one item at a time from that desk – papers, envelopes, bills, notes, post-its, pens, paper clips, etc.  Just take them away one at a time and see the desk being cleared.  If you have trouble with that visualization try taking a deep breath in with your eyes open and then close your eyes as you exhale.  Each exhale should take a little longer than the last so your eyelids stay closed longer and longer.  Feel your eyelids becoming droopier and the feeling of drowsiness coming over you, breath by breath.  Finally, allow your eyes to remain closed and keep breathing deeply.  Then imagine your thoughts (images, words, plans, feelings) bubbling up from your mind like soap or hot water bubbles.  Allow your mind to slow down and see your thoughts encased in those bubbles and watch them, one by one, floating up and out of your mind, into the sky.  Soon there are fewer and fewer bubbles and your mind becomes empty, blank and open – relaxed, receptive and free.  This process clears the mind and can be attributed to Transcendental Meditation (TM), which helps the mind relax and open to the process of letting go and receiving the guidance you need to feel good.  Even just sitting quietly for a few minutes a day, daydreaming or taking a “meditative walk” a few times a week can also help you to recharge and overcome stress.  Hypnosis therapy is another effective technique to teach you how to relax, reprogram your mind and begin a meditative practice.  Seek out the help you want and you will find the help you need.  I hope these methods of meditation help you to feel and be your best!  Please keep exploring the power of your mind to make positive changes and create new, empowering habits in your life.  I’d love to hear how they work for you.

bubbles1One more tip!  Remember that meditation is the process of letting go and clearing your mind so a greater consciousness can filter in, recharge and inspire you.  When practicing, gently continue redirecting your thoughts with this suggestion: What else can I release?  Then let whatever you find drift away until you feel open, relaxed and receptive.  Then and only then will meditation begin to work for you, within your life.



Be well… Namaste.

Working with the Light


            What is the stuff of life?  Why are we alive with thought, feeling, awareness and imagination?  What brings the light to the projector of our minds?  Are we not “star stuff” as Carl Sagan once said? The apostle John also said, “In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.”  Even Yoda said, “Luminous beings are we… not this crude matter.”  We know that we are all made of energy, all part of the original makeup of the universe.  All of time, space and existence have lead to this moment, to our being. We are like the stuff of stars – within us is the light, the heat, the cold and the darkness – made animate and self-aware, wrapped in flesh and feeling.


            So if we are made of the light we can work with its energy to create more light, more healing and peace to quell the darkness inside us and in others.  For years I have learned about and practiced “light working” and discovered its profound positive effects for myself and helped others learn its healing power.  I’ve even gotten friends and clients to practice certain meditations and techniques to use light work in their lives to attain emotional calm, subdue negativity in their environments and even help their loved ones to heal or become passive when acting with aggression.

            Though it’s an uncommon and esoteric practice, light work is not such a mysterious way of making life better and its routes are quite ancient.  I think of it as creative visualization or an imaginative meditation.  It involves the use of your mind and your imagination to create colored or white light in your field of vision or covering what you see or a person you’re thinking about.  So if I encounter or if I’m confronted with a negative person or image in my environment – a car accident, a grouchy boss, a pushy pedestrian – I use certain colored lights to “neutralize” their affect on me and my energy.  Let’s face it, some people are “energy vampires” and stressful situations can be exhausting to one’s energetic resources – so you have to be armed with different techniques to combat stress and those can drain 

            When I’m faced with darkness I use light to feel better.  No, I’m not talking, “Go into the light, Carol Ann!”  I mean superimposing light over darkness – in many cases over people who carry a cloud over their head or to diffuse negative, distressing situations.  Here’s an example of what I’ll do to stay positive and perky and negate others negativity using light work.  It works like a charm and makes you feel great even when other folks are freaking out.  If someone comes up to me with an attitude or aggressive undertone, I first put myself in a white or golden light and then I put him or her in a turquoise blue light – the light of healing and pain relief.  People who are angry or depressed are usually in need of healing and often suffer from a great deal of emotional or physical pain.  Putting them in a blue light of any kind will make them feel better and act more kindly toward you!


            If I’m having trouble with a man who thinks he’s my boss (or even if he actually is) I put him in a pink light – Pepto pink – and he’s almost instantly neutralized.  I just coat him, his clothes, his car, his office, his car, his everything in pink, like my eyes just got flooded with strawberry milk.  Within a little while he’ll become quiet, more reserved and even friendlier the more I do it.  Or he’ll simply have to leave my space for some reason.  Similarly, if a female is giving me guff, I’ll put her in a golden light – the light that makes the ladies docile.  You see, a golden light is empowering to a man, but subdues feminine energy, whereas a pink light empowers a woman, but makes a man tranquil.  Try it the next time someone tries it with you.  You’ll be surprised how well it works and it does no harm – what’s harmful about putting someone in a pretty colored light?  If anything you’re helping them by clearing their aura!light-healing1bluelight1

(Images of using protective white light and an aural photo with healing blue light).

            The white or spectral light is a highly spiritual light that is tied to creativity, compassion, generosity and ultimate peace.  Placing a white light around someone helps them to find divine purpose, clarity and wisdom, spiritual assistance and service to others.  Those who have performed hands on healing, spiritual cleansing or channeling know to keep themselves in the white light as it protects them from absorbing negative energy from others or their environment.  A prayer for those who work with such forces can also keep the protective white light bound to the body of the practitioner:  “The white light indwells and surrounds me, divinely guides me and protects me, helps me heal others and myself and I am blessed as are all those whose lives I touch.”


            It’s also a kind spiritual gesture to wrap those in need of help in light.  When I see a bad car accident with ambulances at the side of the road, I often send a healing turquoise blue light to individuals I notice have been traumatized.  I simply cover the whole scene in healing blue light and pray for the best.  As you work with the light you begin to see it everywhere, behind everything – indeed we are all made of light and all project or reflect that light in each other’s eyes.

            We can each let our “light so shine before men” and certainly shouldn’t hide it under a bushel when it’s such a useful tool for peace and healing.  Quite literally, through our consciousness, we are the “light of the world.”  Working with light increases the lightness and brilliance of the world, building up the radiance of others and illuminating the truth and beauty within all people.  If you want to empower someone, send him or her a loving, bright light.  If you need to neutralize a foe – don’t get upset and reactive – stay light, unaffected and free, under-react and send them some vibrant colored light (they need it).  If you feel down, wrap yourself in an appropriate or favorite light and notice how much lighter you feel in just a few minutes.eyes1 

            If nothing else, working with light distracts you from focusing on what’s negative.  It’s easier to find cheer when you’re looking on the bright side.  Instead of becoming annoyed or upset by life’s little pitfalls or people who indulge in darkness try working with the light.  See how it enhances your life experience.  It naturally brings about positive feelings and reorients your mind toward more productive aims.  Dark thoughts, no matter how justifiable, only make you feel worse.  But choosing to think lighter thoughts and defend yourself with imaginary light will always make you feel relaxed and easy.  I hope you try this practice and spread more light into the world everyday so you can live in the lightness of your choices without fear or doubt.  May the light you give to the causes of love, joy, peace, prosperity and healing bless you.


(Image of the Healing Buddha).

For more information read “Hands of Light” by Barbara Ann Brennan.


Transformation through Af-FORM-ations!


If you want a simple way to transform your life and master your body, mind, heart and spirit I recommend developing the habit of invoking daily affirmations.  I think affirmations have gotten a bad rap or at least have been misunderstood as cheesy, New Age, metaphysical wishful thinking, like, “if you wish for it hard enough, it will happen.” Affirmations are really just positive statements of truth based in the power of the present moment.  They’re not really about wishing, which displaces your power to change into the future where it is always just ahead of you and therefore unreachable.  If you say, “I am well” you’re stating a fact of how you feel, how you interpret your state of being.  Just as if you say, “I’m sick” that describes how you are, in a temporary state.  Everything being relative, you ultimately decide how you feel or what you perceive as your existence.  You can choose to see a warm, sunny day as “exhausting” or a cool, rainy day as “refreshing.”  The choice of how you arrange your state of mind, no matter what you encounter, is up to you.


*Lady’s face or saxiphonist?


            With that power in mind, you are in control of how you react to life.  In fact, there is nothing passive about living on this earth.  Everything we want requires dynamic action.  Affirmations can be part of that investment as an active way to state your truth, even if what you want has not arrived in your life yet.  You can live as though what you want is already so and become what you want over time.  Don’t be fooled by current conditions – what you find in your life now is just a result of what you’ve already learned and applied, what you’ve already thought, felt and tried.  The future harvest depends on what seeds we plant now.  If we keep watering our garden with affirmations, eventually the seeds we nurture become the results we’re looking for.  Most important with affirmations is that they must be something you can feel and see now.  You have to step into the role of believing they’re true, in the present.  The prophet Neville said, “Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled.”  He meant to own what you want and live as though you already have it.  That is the spirit of affirmations: to state what you want as already true and live with those positive feelings and visions as your guide.



            When practiced daily, affirmations become a part of you.  You come to believe what you’re telling yourself like when an athlete psyches himself up for a big game.  That belief becomes your reality over time and you wind up transforming into your assumed truth.  The same is true for repeating negative thoughts or statements, so why not turn things around in your favor by choosing to affirm your good?  Sometimes simply affirming the opposite of what you don’t want is enough to change your circumstances for the better.  Affirmations can be so transformative when use regularly that I like to call them “Af-FORM-ations.”  The following three affirmations have helped me and my clients make many positive changes and can lay a foundation for your personal growth and transformation.



            Try saying these aloud to yourself daily for 3-4 weeks, a few times a day – with feeling – and please let me know how they help improve your life or empower you to make the changes you want to make real. 


1.     “I trust the process of life and I am willing to change.” 


2.     “I am the power in my world and I love and approve of myself.”


3.     “I am open and receptive to the goodness and abundance of life.” affirm6


            Making such statements everyday will change your attitude, rearrange your feelings and ultimately shift your actions, which define your progress toward wholeness and wellness.

For issues with your body, try saying (and believing):

“I live in radiant good health,” or “I am beautiful, perfect, whole and complete.”

For changing how you feel in your heart and emotions, say:

“I feel safe expressing myself and making quality relationships,” or “I am free to feel and live my truth.”

For changes you’d like to make in your mind, affirm:

“I am clear, calm, confident and positive,” or “I am the power in my mind.”

For spiritual guidance, affirm your wisdom:

“I am in touch with my inner wisdom,” or “I am always divinely guided.”

For improving finances and success, try these:

“I am a money magnet,” or “Everything I touch is a success.”affirm5


              Using daily affirmations to direct and control how you think, feel and behave, you become master of your life and all you want.  Get excited about the process of positive changes these powerful statements can make in your life as you make them routine.  They really can help you to heal and grow as you get used to them being part of your daily life.  Feel and see what you want as already real, like when you played “make believe” as a kid.  That’s what “real-ize” means: make it real for yourself, in the now.  Form it out of your consciousness, mold it to your needs, fire up your feelings and forge it by your will.  Hack into reality and project what you want in the moment to see it become your experience.  Bend it, shape it and demand it into being by what you state as true.  Keep your focus and keep repeating daily affirmations and results will surely manifest.  Invest your time and energy each day wisely with a few affirmations that amplify your power and see how you change for the better.  I’d love to hear how well you transform!


            Singing or chanting an affirmation also helps, lending even more power to the feeling you want to cultivate as true.  Here’s a rhyming daily affirmation I’ve written to inspire you:

“I am grateful for this day and this night.  I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise and all is right.  I give and receive the very best today; in every way my dreams take flight.  All is well in my world and all is light.” ~DJ



              Make up your own customized affirmations to foster more specific empowerment over your reality.  For a list of affirmations related to improving body conditions and personal physical wellness, see Louise Hay’s Affirmations for the Body.

Form your truth, live it and give it with love.  Be well!  ~Namaste


Your 7 Superpowers

              According to eastern thought, specifically Ayurvedic medicine, Buddhism and traditional yoga practice based in India, all people have lesser known abilities or powers related to subtle energy centers called “chakras” that are found within the physical and energetic or etheric bodies.  The chakras or “energy wheels” of the body help us to maintain and balance the flow of energy through our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems.  Life requires energy (called prana or chi) to pass through us to manifest our realities – it’s all a give and take.  If energy flow is imbalanced, parts of the body, mind and emotions suffer.chakras7

            An awareness and activation of one’s chakras can help restore balance and boost energy toward holistic wholeness and wellness.  A person’s consciousness, health, wealth, wisdom, happiness and creativity are deeply affected by the chakras and how well they “spin” or process the energy we receive and give out.  Though they cannot be seen directly, they can be sensed, activated and used to enhance one’s energy and power output.  No, they can’t grant us the powers of flight, invisibility or X-ray vision, but they can deepen our understanding and control of the natural abilities that lie within us all.  The seven main chakras govern various forces that could be deemed human “superpowers.”SEVEN CHAKRAS-2 

            We do possess pretty amazing machinery and electro-magnetic output when compared to any other biology, so we might as well put our super powers to work for our good and the betterment of the world.  Meditating on these energy centers and their corresponding colors and chanting their  “seed sounds” can help anyone to find higher power and balance how energy enters, passes through and exits the body.  I will attempt to demystify the chakra system and put them in simple, practical terms that you can relate to.  Hopefully devoting some time and focus on their function and life-enhancing health benefits will assist you in developing your God-given human superpowers. Chakras-Locations

Try the Chakra Test to see where your energy may need re-activation or balancing.meditation-chakras

1. The root chakra – the energy center of survival; the earth/ground chakra.  This chakra is located between the base of the spine/anus and genitals.  It is responsible for our masculine powers of acquiring or maintaining personal security and territory, for our instincts and the demonstration of our physical force, strength and material wealth.  It also connects us with the energies of the earth and electrically grounds the entire chakra system.  When we feel insecure, lost or uncertain, or if we’ve been abused or neglected, or feel we don’t belong, meditating on this energy center can help us find our way and heal.  Ailments of the spine, back, legs and feet are associated with a blocked or under-active root chakra.  This chakra rules over our desires and needs for shelter, food, water, clothing, warmth, family roots, money and other necessary resources for earthly living.  It is also a center for untapped spiritual power that is identified with the energy of a coiled snake or “Kundalini” and can activate the reproductive glands, the instinct to procreate, or the adrenal glands, the flight-or-flight instinct.  It is the essential power of presence and confidence, belonging, feeling safe, at home and welcome in the world.  Deep diaphragmatic breathing and meditating on the color red, like the lava that spews from a volcano, can help clarify one’s decision making abilities and choices related to everyday survival and spiritual progress.  Chanting the seed sound, LANG, pronounced “long,” can also activate this chakra.  As can wearing the color red.  Red is also considered to be the “sexiest” color and promotes one’s attractiveness and sense of personal power.


2. The sacral chakra – the energy center of creation and emotional expression; the water chakra.  This chakra is located within the sacrum or fused lower spine, below and behind the navel and is associated with the genitals.  Its powers include feminine creative and artistic energy, sexual urges, nurturing, generosity, beauty, emotional ties and procreation.  The sacral chakra governs the gonads.  It rules over our needs to protect all we love and cherish and leave a legacy of creative or reproductive works behind.  An imbalance here makes it difficult for people to make lasting connections or establish healthy habits, including relationships.  Balancing this chakra brings freedom of expression and openness to others, a certain charm in how we relate to the world that could be called the power of persuasion.  Meditating on the color orange, like the sun setting on the ocean, can repair and reactivate one’s powers over emotional connectivity and sexual prowess.  Chanting the seed sound, VANG, rhyming with “long,” helps activated the sacral chakra.  Try wearing orange and eating orange-colored foods to uplift this chakra’s energy.sacralchakra

3. The solar plexus chakra – the energy center of will; the fire chakra.  Located below the sternum or the diaphragm and above the navel.  It is related to one’s force of will – or will power – the ability to make decisions and take responsibility for one’s actions.  Anything that takes will power, control over one’s actions, or asserting one’s self in a group dynamic, is ruled by this chakra.  The solar plexus governs the glands of the skin and pancreas.  Freedom and ease of being, especially in a group, are demonstrated through a balanced solar plexus.  It is a deep “fire in the belly” that makes us forge ahead, even in adverse social or environmental situations.  An imbalance here makes it challenging for people to make decisions, follow through on promises or commit to social responsibilities.  Such a person may be avoidant, escapist or otherwise aloof.  Balancing the solar plexus makes an individual warm and receptive but also dynamic, ambitious and assertive.  Meditating on the color yellow (or gold) like the sun or wearing those colors can empower the solar plexus to re-activate and help in decision-making.  Chanting the seed sound, RANG, sounding like the word “wrong,” can make your solar plexus energy work right. SolarPlexusChakra

4. The heart chakra – the energy of love and balance; the air chakra.  The heart chakra is located at the center of the breastbone (or sternum) in the chest.  It is associated with the heart muscle, circulatory system and lungs and controls the Thymus gland, which regulates the immune system.  It is related to one’s powers of compassion, patience, forgiveness, nurturing and healing.  Being the central hub of the chakra system it is also associated with balancing all energies in the mind-body-energy sphere through the power of love.  Problems with immunity, heart or lung health, smoking, emotional distance or frigidity and relationship issues are often signs of a depleted or under-active heart chakra.  Think of all the good your heart does when it gives lovingly and receives graciously.  It becomes an energetic bridge of your true self into the world for the greater good of all.  The vibrations your heart sends out are nearly twice as powerful as any measurement of brain wave activity!  So, be careful how you feel, for those vibrations touch the world in profound ways.  Meditating on the color green, like an emerald or verdant landscape, can help bring balance to the heart.  The seed sound for the heart chakra is YANG, as in “yin and yang,” and pronounced like “King Kong.”  So go ahead and beat your chest, wake up your heart and sing a love song!  Then give and receive a big bear hug, which makes everything better.


5. The throat chakra – the energy of expression; the ethers/space/outer-voice chakra.  The throat chakra is located at the base of the throat where the collarbones meet.  Associated with the throat, neck, lower jaw, ears, hands and arms, this chakra is the seat of self-expression, communication and brining ideas into the world.  A person’s needs, wants, feelings, conceptions and artistic expression are ruled by the throat chakra.  Governing the Thyroid gland, an imbalanced throat chakra can lead to frequent upper respiratory illness and ailments of the throat/voice, neck and ears (hearing), arms and hands, and is associated with hormone imbalances, inefficient processing of food energy and problems expressing one’s needs or wishes.  One’s creative expressive force, manifestation of one’s goals, staking one’s claim, making one’s way in the world or one’s living (as in “vocation”) and opening up to receiving one’s good are all energies associated with the throat chakra.  Try meditating on the colors of sky blue or turquoise to help your throat chakra open.  The seed sound of HAM, pronounced with a strong “ah” vowel sound like the word “calm” can be chanted to bring balance back to the throat chakra’s energy of expression.  Singing, humming, listening to melodic music, practicing affirmations, laughing, taking and art or dance class and owning up to and expressing your feelings can bring harmony back to your throat chakra, as well.throatchakra

6. The third-eye or brow chakra – the energy of imagination and intuition; the inner-vision/inner-voice chakra.  This chakra, commonly called the “third eye,” is located between the eyebrows, above the bridge of the nose, on the lower forehead.  It is associated with the eyes, temples, upper jaw and head.  This chakra rules over one’s vision, literal eyesight and figurative imagination, one’s intuition, spatial relations, direction, motivation, intelligence and psychic awareness.  It rules over consciousness, including the sub-conscious, and is governed by the Pituitary gland, which regulates all hormones and endocrine glands in the body, controlling our nervous system and its function.  An imbalance or under-activity in the third eye chakra can make one confused, moody, frustrated easily, unmotivated and otherwise mentally clouded.  Its dysfunction here can also make one susceptible to head colds, headaches, migraines and problems with eyesight and brain function.  Seeing or manifesting what one wants in the world is first created within the mind and brought into being through action.  The third eye creates a vision of what one desires and directs the mind and body to take steps in that direction.  One’s intuition and imagination are formulated and applied by the third eye.  Through practicing conscious visualization and openness to spiritual or universal energies, one can develop higher powers of clairvoyance and psychic awareness, connecting them to the co-creative mass consciousness, helping them sense what is not clearly visible yet, such as future events and others intentions.  Meditating on the color indigo or midnight blue helps to hone the third eye’s energies.  The seed sound, “OM” or “AUM,” rhyming with the word “home” settles the central nervous system and opens one to the quiet stillness where all inner-vision and intuition are found.3rd-eye-chakra

7. The crown chakra – the energy of spiritual awareness; the Godhead, Cosmos or Inner-light chakra.  The crown chakra is located conveniently at the crown of the head.  It is the “ever blooming lotus flower” of spiritual thought and connection.  It rules over the aspects of one’s brain and highest consciousness, one’s connection to God/the universe/the beyond and all people, experiences and things that can be perceived.  It also governs the Pineal gland, or the “Eye of Horus,” an endocrine gland in the brain responsible for our perception of reality and creation.  It also guides us to all action, including our habits and ability to change ourselves and adapt to new circumstances.  The crown chakra holds our feet to the fire of karmic consequences and their undoing.  This chakra allows us to transform the world and ourselves.  This is a super power unlike any other in that it functions as a way for people to transcend their reality and join with the ultimate creative force of the Creator and of all people and all of nature.  This leads to incredible levels of wisdom and empathy, helping heal and empower both the individual self and the world.  They point of power here lies in sensing one’s unity or oneness with all of life and accepting the responsibility, humility and limitless power therein.  None of us are truly separate, no man is an island, and so we must be aware of our actions and their repercussions in the world.  The words “I am” are associated with the crown chakra and they can create a force or vibration of creative manifestation to call what is affirmed into physical being and form.  Hence the power of af-FORM-ations!  So, be careful what you say you are or are not – those statements become your self-imposed limitations.  Just as the root chakra connects us with Mother Earth, the crown chakra connects us with our universal Father, often associated with the sky or spiritual realms.  Meditating with a focus on the color violet or a sliver or white light can help one make this super powerful connection through the crown chakra.  Chanting “OM” or “NG,” as in the last sound of the word “being,” will align your physical and energetic bodies, opening your mind to the power of spiritual guidance and enlightenment.


“We are all one.  We are but many reflections of the same image.  We are many lights dancing and sparkling on the same ocean, made by one Sun.” ~Hindu proverbChakra_Energy_Spectrum_by_Anaxsys

            Through practice and awareness of your chakra energies I hope your seven innate superpowers come to their fullest expression so you may be a light in the world and help everyone rise up and find the glory in their existence.  Matter cannot be created or destroyed – it can only be transferred.  Every transaction in life exacts some change.  What matters most is how we spend it.  Use your energy wisely and may it bless the world and be replenished plentifully.


Watch this video link as a quick way to raise your vibrational energy and get some visual cues to stimulate your chakras and sense their power inside you: The Wave of Love.