10 Weeks to WOW!

Winston_stareAs a trainer I’ve seen a lot of exercise trends come and go. I’ve also seen many different types of clients try many different exercise plans.  No doubt, my most successful clients have strong goals, high commitment levels and the courage to redefine themselves and try new approaches to get what they want out of their routines.  But there’s one thing that never fails and always gets real results – a plan based on daily steps with variable exercises. The body, like the mind, needs challenge to change. If you force it to adapt by varying your routine you’ll see results much faster and with much less boredom. Let’s face it, a dull, repetitive plan gets flat results. You have to ramp up the intensity, repetitions and novelty of your plan so you won’t plateau. Make your routine less routine. Try something a bit new every time you workout and you’ll see new results all the time. It’s all about taking interesting, incremental steps each day – climbing the mountain one variable foothold at a time – that gets you to your peak shape and strength. Want to lose weight, get strong and feel great? Try this simple-to-follow but variable routine over the next 10 weeks to realize what I mean and leave a comment on how it changed your body, health and energy! It may not be easy, but doing anything new takes effort and you can do anything for 10 weeks!! Your will is stronger than you think… the challenge is yours to meet!!! Aren’t you worth the effort? 10_week_workout

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