Gratitude List


              So often when we feel down or blue we don’t know where to look to find solace.  Some turn to their family and friends for support when in need while others practice a faith to curb their bad feelings.  Exercise, spending time in nature, volunteering, playing with children or pets, getting creative with drawing or painting, singing with the radio, watching a funny movie or reading a good book can all help us to feel better when times are tough, too.  I love to write when I’ve had a rough day – it really allows me to dump my emotions on the page so I purge those feelings and can move on.  But what if none of those activities do the trick?  I turn to my Gratitude List.


            A Gratitude List is simply what it implies: a list of things you’re grateful for.  I count mine every time life gets me down and I immediately feel better.  It’s enriching and enlightening – healing, in fact – to count your blessings.  Praising and being thankful for what’s good in your life acts like a magical elixir, washing away whatever takes you to a “dark place.”  Whether it’s a feeling of fear or doubt, depression or anxiety, guilt or criticism, a welling up of anger or aggression inside or simply a feeling of lack or limitation, gratitude is the cure!  You see, negative emotions cannot breathe in the same space as gratitude – they get choked out and have to leave the room. Gratitude is like an emotional panacea – it just takes a few drops to see your life is really quite wonderful.  Life becomes much more pleasurable when you stop and take stock of all the good you encounter everyday.


            Really appreciating what you do have versus focusing on what seems wrong in your life turns your mind toward better things and that shift in concentration allows for more good to flow your way.  It creates a channel of receptivity, putting you in the right place and time at all times.  When the position of your mind goes sour, switch it up and adopt an “attitude of gratitude” and you’ll see all will become well before you know it.  It is a practice and takes time, but with some patience and perseverance, you can squash any set of negative feelings before they can sink in and fester.  Start small, with the blessings you can most easily count and build from there.  You’ll be amazed how much you have to be thankful for.


            Everyone, no matter their circumstances, has something they can feel grateful for.  That is the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel that can guide you through any crisis of faith or challenging situation.  Take a look at my Gratitude List below and find some inspiration for your own list of things you’re thankful for.  Rehearse it every time you feel glum and I guarantee you’ll have a much better day and feel empowered by your choice to see your metaphoric glass is at least half full and getting fuller all the time.  Your perspective will shift and you’ll realize how truly blessed you are and the blues won’t matter!

Denny’s Gratitude List: “I am grateful for…”

  • My health – my beauty, strength, resilience and fully functioning body and mind.
  • My wealth – the goodness and abundance within me and all around me – the people in my life: my special someone, my friends, family, clients, students, neighbors, employers, co-workers, co-creators, collaborators, readers, fans, champions and all the people who support me and my causes, my two adorable cats; my lovely home, my car, my clothes and shoes, my food and drink; my physical activity, my yoga and meditation practice; my favorite books and movies; my appliances and electronics, my laptop and internet service; my conveniences and amenities like running water and electricity; my money and investments; things I grow: my creativity, my writing, my blog, my music, my garden, my work, my travels, my past, present and future successes +++.
  • My wisdom – the knowledge, education, experience and enlightenment I’ve received, will receive and receive now.  I’m grateful for the wisdom of my dreams, too!
  • My happiness – all the love, joy, peace, prosperity and healing in my life.
  • My service – my ability to help others find their greatest success, peace and happiness, my gifts of healing, intuition and empathy.
  • All I have to give, receive and share with others.
  • All I have to express and feel, think and believe, say and do, learn and grow.
  • My connection to the Universe – my divine relationship with God.
  • My writing – all the productivity, imagination, storytelling, creative ideas and projects I’m developing, all the creative people who help me to do so and all who benefit.
  • Nature – the air, water, earth, animals, plants, sunshine, clouds, rain, wind, sky, stars and all the wondrous parts of the living world that inspire me and sustain my life.
  • Divine guidance, protection, endeavors, travels and actions that make the world and myself better so I can do and be even more to feel grateful for.
  • I’m grateful for having and practicing the winning emotion of gratitude to quell all lower vibrating feelings so I may experience bliss in my life and help others to do the same!
  • All the generosity of the people I meet – all their goodness, kindness and compassion.
  • I am grateful for all that is – for all is beautiful, perfect, whole and complete just as it is and I am blessed and alive!  I’m living happily, healthfully and well – blessed beyond my fondest dreams!!!


“If you’re thinking, also be thanking!” -DJ

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