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I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be singing at the one-year anniversary of the Life Amplified talent showcase is this Saturday, January 25th.  The show is called “Metamorphosis” and all acts will be performing inspirational themed material.  A variety of poets and spoken word performers, comedians, singers and musicians will be strutting their stuff to once again benefit the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and local victims of rape and abuse.  Did you know someone is victimized with sexual assault every two minutes in the U.S.?  54% of all attacks go unreported.  It’s time to remove the stigma victims of rape, assault and human trafficking feel so we can address this epidemic openly and prevent further violence and abuse.  Hopefully this showcase will bring some healing to those in need.  I’ll be singing one of my favorite inspirational pieces, “You Raise Me Up,” made famous by Josh Groban.


*Pix from September’s patriotic showcase benefiting K-9’s for Veterans. I’m in blue on the lower left… looking all serious about my song, “Anthem” from the musical Chess.

I decided to sing “a cappella,” as I love the raw emotion of the human voice without any musical filter.  I love listening to a cappella singers, too.  I find the inherent vocal purity conveys feeling and tone so directly.  Singing a cappella is also a personal challenge for myself to keep my musical ear honed.  The first note is always the tough part, then its easy sailing.  The song, “You Raise Me Up” is like a gospel number to me in that its about those emotional moments when you don’t know what to do with the energy you’re handed and you need to talk to God.  Whomever “God” is to you.  I think of God as my “higher self” – the best, greatest, wisest part of me that is also part of God.  It’s my spiritual self that aligns with inner wisdom and compassion, with goodness and right action.  I think all questions of the human condition have a spiritual answer.  It’s usually the answer you know is right inside. Sometimes you do have to have a conversation with that part of you that inspires you to do, be and give your best.  I believe the wise counsel you receive in such moments leads you to the best choices.  I’ve come to realize that giving generously without expectation sincerely amplifies my life experience.  If you’ve been thinking of volunteering your time, talent or energy to a good cause, I encourage you to do so.  It feels amazing!


It’ll be nice to get up and sing again after a couple months hiatus.  I find singing to be the freest and truest expression of my artistic ability and I love to share it.  Its always exciting to give that emotional gift back to the world for its reflection and transformation.  Music and spoken word are as much a part of how we feel and heal as anything else we love and listen to for inspiration, pleasure or understanding.  I think that what we give in life is what we receive in return.  The reward usually matches the investment.  It can be our voice, talents, time, energy, effort, money or simply good will that we give.  It all makes a difference.  The point is to give what you can and help others with the gifts you’re given.  To me, that’s what the showcase is all about: giving back to help those less fortunate.  It always feels good to do something selfless that benefits someone else.  Plus, it’ll be a fun way to kick off the new year and celebrate the virtually limitless potential in all people for growth, healing and prosperity.  I hope this year is one of positive metamorphosis for you and I appreciate your support and your help with this great cause.  Please come on down this Saturday at 1:00pm if you’re nearby!  See flier at the top of this  post for show details and donation options.


May you bless others as you are blessed! ~Namaste.Blessing2

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