Wellness Services

Denny Zen Wellness provides a wide range of personal health, fitness and life enhancement consultations and services to meet your individual wellness needs. We pride ourselves on our reputation for outstanding quality of service and we are committed to helping you get the most out of your life. Please contact us with any questions about the services listed below and to book your next appointment today.


Personal Wellness Consultation

Our holistic approach to personal health, fitness and wellness is designed to help you make better choices and improve your life. A one-hour personal wellness consultation provides you with an assessment of your wellness needs, a customized wellness service plan to meet those needs, referrals to our network of practitioners and wellness providers and further recommendations for your personal wellness strategy. We help you to integrate wellness practices into your life according to your personal needs, desires, challenges and lifestyle. Contact us to set up your consultation today.

 Life Coaching

From organizing your life goals and planning dynamic strategies for success to enhancing your state of mind, body and spirit, we’re ready to inspire and motivate you. We provide the tools you need to make every part of your life work better. Single coaching sessions, multi-session packages and telephone appointments are available.

· Discover your true personal power based on your aspirations

· Learn how to set goals, develop strategies and achieve success

· Enhance your productivity, creativity and self-confidence

· Become the master of your emotions and physical body

· Develop a winning state of mind and a positive outlook on life

· Improve your relationships, finances, career and spirituality

· Realize your full potential for health and happiness more everyday


Hypnotherapy is a hypnosis-based therapy designed to resolve undesirable mental, emotional and behavioral habits and empower positive changes in one’s life. It can also be defined as reprogramming the mind for desired results through a process of induced relaxation, subconscious mental adjustments, confidence-building post-hypnotic suggestions and self-hypnosis tutorial. If you have a strong desire to overcome draining habits or to improve any facet of your life, hypnotherapy will help you reach your goals. Single sessions, multi-session packages and telephone appointments are available.

· Stop smoking for good

· Develop healthier habits to lose weight

· Overcome insomnia

· Resolve anxious habits to find inner peace and calm

· Get control over stage fright and other phobias

· Enhance sports, test taking and public speaking performance

· Improve mental clarity, emotional being and physical fitness

· Learn to relax and empower yourself with confidence

· Connect with your psychic, intuitive and spiritual power

· Experience inner-wisdom through past-life regression

 Personal Training & Weight Loss Counseling

Need some guidance to reach your physical fitness and weight loss goals? You’re not alone. Most people who make progress in feeling and looking healthier and fit had some help along the way. We’ll assist you to develop workouts that suit your needs, goals and lifestyle and show you how to lose weight and keep it off. Our proven six-week fitness and eight-week weight loss packages give you the knowledge, encouragement, accountability, practice and confidence you need to reach your personal fitness and weight management goals. A one-hour fitness and weight loss consultation with a certified personal trainer is also available to initiate your journey to feeling and looking your best.

· Learn techniques to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance

· Enhance and diversify your current workout with new skills

· Develop weight management goals and strategies for weight loss success

· Incorporate daily fitness and healthy eating into your lifestyle

· Energize your life with more effective workouts and better food

· Program an effective at-home or gym routine to meet your fitness needs

Yoga & Pilates Fitness Instruction

Yoga and Pilates mat-based fitness methods are fun and effective ways to develop your flexibility, strength and core musculature. They’re also a wonderful way to improve your mental focus, mood and capacity for physical relaxation. Yoga opens and aligns the body and primes the mind for peace, clarity and meditation. Pilates lengthens and strengthens the body for dynamic action. From restorative, therapeutic yoga and Pilates sessions to more intense power yoga and advanced Pilates mat, we cover all levels of fitness. On-site classes with certified instructors are available to individuals, couples and small groups.

Spiritual Advisement & Creative Coaching

Sometimes we all need a bit of help when it comes to spiritual and creative matters and how they relate to our personal sense of wellness. What is spiritual and creative in our nature is logically quite closely related. We are each creators of some kind with spirits to light our path to the realization of our dreams and inner wisdom. You can more easily move ahead with confidence when you have a guide along the way. Whether you are looking for direction in your life, have questions about how to move forward with your creative endeavors or need some spiritual counsel, receiving caring, insightful and non-judgmental advice can make all the difference. We have the experience and understanding to guide you along your spiritual journey and assist you in making your creative dreams come true. Please ask about our various methods for connecting with your higher purpose, developing your sense of creative mastery and exploring your link to the spiritual realm.

Meditation & Guided Relaxation

Learn how to develop mental clarity, emotional calm and physical relaxation through time tested meditation and guided relaxation techniques. Whether you’re career or lifestyle demands keep you from taking time to find inner peace or you have an interest in making your relaxation or creative time more effective, meditation and guided relaxation practice can help. We’ll show you simple methods of how to use your mind to clear away unnecessary stress, deepen relaxation, envision success and open yourself to higher consciousness in accordance with your individual needs.

Corporate Wellness Workshops

We serve the wellness needs of corporations and small businesses looking to improve company productivity, creativity, morale and efficiency. We help businesses to enhance their workforce and advance their bottom line through assessment of workplace wellness needs, recommendations for improving workplace conditions, programming of on-site wellness services, suggestions for ergonomic relief and work station relaxation methods, team-building exercises and other adjustments to make the workplace environment conducive to business and wellness goals. On-site services include:

· Corporate wellness seminars and workshops

· Wellness programming consultation and assessment

· Yoga & Pilates fitness instruction

· Work station stretching and relaxation instruction

· Team-building exercises to improve morale and efficiency

· Systems for wellness and success

Please visit our website and contact us with any questions about the services listed above and to set up your next appointment today:

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