3-D Miracles Made Manifest

miracle_in_youI believe Life is an incredible miracle, made manifest by a universal mystical and spiritual power many have named God. God is Life. God is Love. God is Good. The best life is full of love and goodness, full of Godliness. To me, God is the power behind, within and between all things known, unknown and unknowable. You can call God or the Universe by any name and affiliate it’s power with any spiritual system and color it with any cultural, theological or philosophical paint, but the truth of that power remains the same. It is all encompassing, all pervasive and its force is truly universal, holistic and indivisible. People like to separate things into categories, to define and control them and make use of their understanding. As I believe all things are part of the Universe and naturally inseparable (though they may appear so), defining God or the Universe as something separate from us “lowly” human beings seems illogical. We are all part of God. We have Godliness within us and the power to make manifest what could be considered miracles.

3_pyramidsWe live in a three-dimensional reality of height, width and depth. We exist in the presence of matter, energy and space-time. Each day we observe light, darkness and twilight times. We feel good, bad or indifferent. Many agree, across cultures, that we experience the passages of life, death and an afterlife. The most basic unit of our reproductive ability consists of a father, mother and child. Do you see a pattern of three emerging? That is the essential number needed to manifest the light-filled miracles of our hopes, dreams, wants, wishes and even the darkness of our fears. Since antiquity accounts of the number three appear again and again, on this third rock from the sun, as a harbinger of change, growth and rebirth. The number two represents opposition or polarity, the creative and destructive forces of the universe, which will remain in conflict until a third force is introduced to sway that entropy or provide a balancing influence. Three comes to represent creation itself and the triangulation of forces that leads to the manifestation of energy into matter

triskele1Here are just a few examples of the repeated reference to triangular relationships in nature, literature, science, spirituality and culture that underpin and lend efficacy to the notion of the number three manifesting reality and changing the form of what we perceive as truth: From our understanding of the human condition, the three aspects of human nature are body, mind and spirit; the three aspects of human culture are art, science and religion; the three parts of human will can be characterized as thought, feeling and action. From science and mathematics, there is the triangular Pythagorean theorem, Isaac Newton’s 3 Laws of Physics and the triplet codons of the DNA/genome structure that is the basis for all life as we know it. From our sacred spiritual traditions we may observe a Holy Trinity in the Christian faith of Father, Son and Holy Spirit as well as the three Wise Men or Magi and the Christ rising from the dead after three days; the three gods of the Hindu religion, Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Sustainer and Shiva the Destroyer who preside over an endless cycle of birth, growth and renewal; the three saintly entities of Amitabha Buddha in the Buddhist faith; and, the Maid, Mother and Crone trinity, as represented by the triskelion, of the ancient Celtic or Pagan religious tradition.

inner_realityWe are constantly reminded of the presence of the number three in our everyday lives, morning, noon and night. We stop at traffic lights with three colored signals that cause us to stop, go or use caution when driving. Our goals are often characterized as immediate, short-term or long-term and their results seen as a win, a loss or a draw. Each day we face the sun, each night the moon and in our dreams the sleeping earth grounds us in it’s cosmic cradle. Our psyches are run by a self-conscious ego, a subconscious intuition and a super-conscious continuum. Our will, the performing, demonstrative aspect of our being, can be characterized as active, passive or reciprocal. We must deal with needs, wants and compromises to survive and flourish in this reality. Action, reaction and synchronicity govern Newton’s 3rd law of physics – that equal and opposite forces must balance each other to have three dimensions exist harmoniously. What we do, what really matters in space and time, is ultimately effective, affective or reflective of our needs, desires and will. In all relationships we are essentially independent, dependent or inter-dependent. Energy goes outward, inward or is transformed. In all these examples of our three-fold nature, nurture and self-orchestrated renewal we are bound by the number three to manifest what we must know to become what we must be in compelling physical, intellectual and mystical form.

got3percentSo how do we make manifest such miracles as I have described? How do we find happiness, health and heaven on earth? It’s by using the power of three to your advantage! Recently some researchers in the scientific realm of quantum mechanics have come to some startling conclusions, based on years of research that I won’t bore you with, about how our minds can manipulate matter and events. Research in the fields of synchronistic events, the scientific observer effect and the quantum uncertainty principle indicate the power of our predominant thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and expectations can influence reality so as to effect change over a random or average result by about 3% above chance! Yes, we are shaping reality – or as I like to put it – we are “real-izing” reality or making it bend to our wills, about 3% of the time (which is also about how much brain activity we’re using at any given time). People can influence events by changing their attention and the world mirrors back to us our assertions and assumptions, reminding us that we have a magical part of God within us. What we focus on and feel is merely a metaphysical perception but we make it real.

reality_imagination_LennonIf you want to make manifest what you believe you want, need and dream about – too late – you’re already doing it! If it’s not what you really want or feel you deserve, just dream bigger and have more faith – focus more deeply, have a crisper vision and feel more gratitude and what you wish for and are willing to create becomes your new reality over time. But let me put it another way with three simple rules that will guide you along the way to the self-directed, consciously guided miracle of manifestation: 1) Give your best, everyday… 2) Receive what’s best in all situations… and, 3) Share the best of what you have with All. Happy manifesting and may the power of three be the key that sets you free!


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