Not fear? Fear not…

Twain_CourgaeI find it so interesting that the emotion of fear, a feeling meant to protect us from harm, can paralyze us and prevent us from experiencing the fullness of our life’s potential.  I also find it fascinating that fear is so closely related to the emotion of excitement.  When we want something, we get excited about it.  So having a strong desire for an experience or thing can make you feel a bit edgy.  Often channeling that desire into action can help you overcome the emotion that may be misinterpreted as fear, anxiety or apprehension.  If you feel fear but there’s no basis for being afraid other than having a new experience, learning or growing somehow, then what you’re feeling really isn’t fear – it’s excitement – the thrill of trying something new or attaining your desired goal!  Daring to stare fear in the face and overcome it makes you stronger.  You expand your possibilities and defy your limits every time you remind fear who’s boss – you!  deepest-fear-pictureJust because something is unknown doesn’t mean it’s unsafe or necessarily worth being scared of.  Surprises can be wonderful.  So, the next time you’re afraid of something new ask yourself, “Isn’t this really exciting?” and give yourself permission to try it and see how it makes you feel.  You never fail when you allow yourself the chance to succeed.  Learning to fly means being willing to fall.  Never fight your instincts, never freeze your will and never flee from a challenge.  Learn to take courage by mastering your emotions and knowing them well.  If it’s not likely fear that you’re feeling… Fear not!



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