The Greatest Gifts

give_takeWhen we want to gift something to someone special we will put a lot of thought into the giving.  We’ll find the best or the most interesting or the most beautiful gift we can afford.  The more special the person is to us, the more thought and value is put into the gift.  We’ll look everywhere for the perfect way to say “I love you” or “I care” or “You mean a lot to me” or even “I’m sorry.”  That gift might be a thing, an item, a physical object, something for our loved one to possess.  But it might be something less tangible that we give away to someone we love.  A lover will give his heart away.  A brother will sometimes give his kidney away to save his brother.  A mother may be willing to give up her life for her child.  What are you willing to give to show someone how important they are to you?

buddha_giftsMaybe it’s an opportunity, an adventure, a celebration or recognition of some kind that we give away.  Maybe it’s approval or acceptance or a needed change that we give or allow for.  We can give patience, understanding or consideration that is needed to help someone we know or care for to feel better.  Maybe it’s a service we give away or finances that may help.  It could be a simple smile, glance or kind word that gives what is required.  Or it could be time, effort or energy we give to make someone feel we support them.  No matter what we give of ourselves, that is the energy we receive back.  We’re each only as good as the last bit of good we gave.  Our value is determined by the worth of what we’ve shared and spread.  Why do we give?  Often it’s to bring others joy.  But if we give with something expected in return, somehow the gift becomes a loan.  If we give without wanting for ourselves our gift becomes divine, a spiritual release, a signal to the universe that we are ready to receive much greater than we could have hoped or wished for in return.

give_loveI believe the greatest gifts have no monetary value and in fact they could be seen as priceless.  The love, compassion, peace, contentment, joy, faith, health, wellness and prosperity we find within our lives and in the lives of those we love… these are the greatest gifts we can bestow upon the world and what we must be most thankful for.  Forgiveness is a gift with endless returns on investment, too.  It guarantees we are no longer locked into an agreement that someone else’s emotions have power over us and we can let go of the past for the good of all.  Above all gifts we can give, gratitude for all we have – even our pain – and a belief in giving ever greater good is the key to having ever more to feel grateful for and allows us to receive gracefully.

Considering all the effort we’ll put forth to give something amazing to someone we love, don’t we owe it to ourselves to also give ourselves the very best, too?  Don’t you deserve to give yourself the best?  What would you give yourself if you had limitless giving ability?  How generous would you be with yourself?  What about someone you love?  What would you give them if you had endless choice?  That’s the same energy you must give with every smile, look, action, word, request and thank you to feel and be your very best.  Those are the biggest, greatest gifts for they come from the heart and soul.

“Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic.”
~John Henry Jowett (1864-1923)
Presbyterian preacher and

Isn’t that so inspiring and true?  Be thankful for everything and you’ll never lack anything!!

Give and be well! ~Namaste


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