Soul Responsibility

soul_stirred_HondaWhat is the nature of your truth, your reality? What are the duties you must embrace to live a life of meaning and purpose? What does it mean to you to live with honor, dignity and integrity? In times of great inspiration, dark fear and deep longing, these are questions that may enter your mind. The answers have a lot to do with what you believe your responsibilities are in life. What does your soul, the heart of your being, tell you is the truth of what you must do to be the person you want and need to be?

Nothing-is-impossible-HepburnBeing conscious of your life’s purpose and living your truth has a lot to do with what you believe is possible. I honestly believe we are only limited by what reality we impose upon ourselves. If you believe you can do or be something, you’ll find a way to make it happen. If you believe you cannot, you’ll find a way to make that true for yourself, too. I’ve found that faith, like fear, defines what you’re willing to do in life. Faith and trust in yourself and the universe creates possibilities. The act of doing what you believe is possible manifests the opportunities to fulfill your dreams and desires. Fear limits possibility; it crushes confidence and destroys opportunities before they can ever come to pass. We all want to feel good about ourselves, but it can be challenging to find what makes us happy, proud and fulfilled. Some approach challenge as an adventure, an exciting path through the unknown to find great treasure; others avoid challenge, fearing change, and prefer the familiar road, even if it only leads to pain. I think attitude is everything. Nothing is impossible when you remind yourself, “I’m possible.” How you choose to frame your mind defines the range of your actions and what you decide is possible. What is your soul worth? What possibilities for your development can you find the courage to fulfill? Isn’t it your soul’s duty to be aware of how your thoughts guide you and change them if they limit your growth?

living_magnetBeyond your faith, there are other aspects of your soul that determine your will to succeed or fail at your life’s purpose. What you focus on, where you put your attention, is crucial to finding out what will make you happy and provide betterment for the world. I firmly believe what we focus on grows. If you focus on what you’re lacking in life, you’ll find more to complain, worry and feel bad about. If you place your attention on your blessings, you’ll experience more pleasure, joy and goodness in your life. Focusing on your purpose, on what ambitions motivate you, will cause you to take steps toward your goals. Avoiding the fulfillment of your God-given talents, gifts, skills and abilities with a negative focus or simply feeling unworthy will only trap you in a loop of self-limitation.

purpose1Humor is another key to living your truth. When you can look lovingly at your reality and laugh at your faults, you reclaim power over what you can control and relinquish responsibility over what you cannot. Humor also denotes humility and honesty. Seeing yourself and your situation in life with clarity, a healthy ego and optimism will see you through the dark times and remind you that your conditions can always improve. We must each honor our truth, whatever story we have to share. Telling your truth helps others have the confidence to share their own, which helps us all to learn and live better. Living with honor and dignity is essential if you want to grow and discover your purpose and passion, the gifts that will lead you to happiness. We all have compromises we need to make at times as we relate to the world. But one should never compromise one’s dreams, goals, ideals or sense of self-worth. How can that ever empower you to live with purpose or contribute your unique goodness to the world? Only your truth, no matter how painful it may be to admit, can ever set you free to be your best.

upgrade_realityThis world isn’t always an easy place to find yourself or shape your dreams. I am concerned that we’re living in a time of perverse and disorderly disconnection from our spiritual origins and our endemic nature. We have more ways of communicating than ever, yet we live more separately and with less decency and consideration. Common sense and courtesy seem less common and selfishness seems more acceptable than it should be accepted. We over-analyze and over-rationalize our actions. We under-estimate and undermine our power. It’s become second nature to second-guess ourselves. Distractions and diversions have become our education and enlightenment. Excuses have become reasons and reason has become opinion. We work hard and play hard but find it difficult to feel satisfied or relaxed. Our potential becomes squandered and impotent. It’s like a wedge has come between what we want and what we are. I think we’re explorers, seekers of truth and creators of new realty. But we can’t live that purpose if we’re always concerned about fulfilling our selfish desires and competing for our slice of the proverbial pie. How can we fulfill our worth and find our worthiness if we keep wandering desperately from temporary fix to material yearning to selfish urge? How do we find our soul’s purpose without having a definite purpose for seeking it?

purpose2Only you can know what you truly need to be the person you want to feel proud of. You must look deep within yourself to identify what drives you toward your dreams. When you know what you want and have the courage to ask for it, I believe you’ll find a way to earn, gain win or otherwise receive it. I want to inspire you to gather up and pass on your truth, the beauty that is you – the information, ideas and knowledge that will foster a greater understanding and compassion within humanity.

purpose_TwainLet your purpose guide you – to help, heal, teach and promote greater good in the world – to achieve your goals and to find reason and meaning in your life. As you better yourself, so too you better the world. There is a purpose in all thing that we create and real-ize, in all we think and feel and come to know. It is what we experience, what we do, that allows for what we may know, within ourselves and of our universe, so that we can better become the guides, guardians, masters and creators of our reality. Be the change. Become your purpose. Value your gifts. Have the selfless audacity and courage to face your truth and embody the full masterpiece of what your soul has so exquisitely designed for you to paint.


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