Such Is Life

Cosmic-consciousness1There are no guarantees in life. This existence we call reality is unpredictable, fraught with upheavals, reversals and all kinds of twists and turns. Just when we think we’re on a path with sure and certain footing, the ground can give way. It is our expectations that bring disappointments; our inability to accept and flow with change that makes adaptation so challenging. We all prefer what’s familiar and can forget the adventure of life demands change and flexibility. It is the flexible mind-set that fairs best in times of change and a flexible, strong body that weathers the unpredictable nature of life. We each have strong wants and needs, related to our subconscious desires and self-conscious awareness. When these two states of consciousness are married, and their differences honored, we are able to come to an understanding of “super-consciousness” where the needs of the self are recognized within the framework of the greater whole of life-awareness and cosmic consciousness is revealed. This leads to a state of creative flow, what is commonly referred to as being in “the zone.”  One’s passive and assertive sides, the analogous navigator and driver of one’s consciousness is made available so one’s purpose can be understood and reached. As state of harmonious awakening then comes into being.

Cosmic-consciousness3If the purpose of life is to grow, learn, heal and expand consciousness, it is essential to meditate on one’s place in life and to escape the confines of ego, fear and desperation. One must embrace change and uncertainty with bravery, selflessness and openness to fully understand one’s purpose and potential.  We all intrinsically want and need love, peace, purpose and freedom – the channels to true prosperity and happiness. We know these things to be our birthrights, what we each deserve as human beings. But there can be no love without bravery, no peace without sacrifice, no purpose without discipline and no freedom without justice.

Cosmic-consciousness2These are the four foundational lessons of life and karma. Aligning one’s self with such knowledge and wisdom will inevitably enlighten one’s experience of life. Ignoring these lessons and neglecting their development shortens one’s potential for conscious evolution. If there is one purpose to each day, let it be this: make your life a shining example of good in the world and leave the world better each day than how you found it. Embody the bravery, sacrifice, discipline and justice you know will make a difference and reshape the world to your highest standard of what you wish it to be. In all things, be faithful, grateful and generous and no door in this life will be closed to you.

The Warrior Self in Ascension

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