Testimonials from Dennis Johnson’s clients and students…

“Dennis Johnson and his blog, dennyzen.com, have been a great source of inspiration to me over the past year and have been instrumental in helping me progress with my personal fitness routine and overall sense of well-being.

With Dennis’ help, I successfully lost 50 pounds in the first half of 2014, and built muscle, gained flexibility, and strengthened my core. I have maintained these advances in the mean time. As I began to formulate a fitness plan, Dennis gave me invaluable advice – however he didn’t simply tell me what I should be doing. Nor did he sugarcoat or just tell me that I was bound to make progress. Dennis told me what I needed to hear, and helped me to stop being satisfied with mediocre, incremental progress. He always reminded me that despite my inhibitions and my fear, I had the power to demand more from my body, and to make the changes I needed to get on track toward a happier, healthier self. He also worked with me to create sustainable workout habits that would keep me motivated and successful, and most importantly that would keep me enjoying the process of getting fit!

Now I find myself demanding more changes from my body. I want to keep increasing the impact of what I’m doing and challenge myself to continue seeing more results, and to advance toward new goals. Again, Dennis is my first stop when looking for help – I know that he’ll have great advice and support. But beyond that, even though 1,100 miles of physical distance separate us, it’s Dennis’s insight that makes me feel like he’s there, observing, coaching, and helping me with my routine every day. What a huge difference Dennis has made in how I see myself and feel about my body! I can’t wait to break through new challenges, and challenge him with new fitness goals for myself. I know he’ll be up for it!” ~P. Julian Plyter, owner of Melt Bakery, New York, NY

Julian1 Julian2 *Julian Plyter (before and after, face and body)

“Dennis is a very knowledgeable, observant and tough trainer. He gives a combination of workouts that make your body feel good without straining your muscles. He is always capable of pushing me to work harder and happy for me when my hard work results in improved strength and a more toned figure. He has taught me a lot about different workout styles (flexibility, strength, and cardio), and made me more aware of my body’s fitness needs. This gave me the confidence to work out on my own. I am very satisfied with Dennis’ help, and would recommend his expertise to anyone who wants to lose weight, get fit and feel great.” ~Joanna W.

IMG_1354   IMG_1880   *Joanna W. (before and after)

“Love your yoga class! Wish I could take your class everyday as it has become an integral part of my fitness schedule. Great way to start my day!” ~Toni K.