Holistic Health Helped by Hypnotherapy

hypnosis_trippyThe use of hypnosis therapy, or hypnotherapy, has been employed for over four hundred years to overcome self-destructive habits, curb phobias, improve sleep, enhance athletic, theatrical and academic performance, instill confidence in public speaking and resolve emotional issues.  In fact, hypnotherapy’s ability to help the mind create new pathways of learning, understanding and relating to one’s self and the world are fairly limitless.  Hypnotherapy is a hypnosis-based therapy designed to resolve undesirable mental, emotional and behavioral habits and empower positive changes in one’s life.  It can also be defined as reprogramming the mind for desired results through a process of induced relaxation, subconscious mental adjustments, confidence-building post-hypnotic suggestions and self-hypnosis tutorial.  If you have a strong desire to overcome draining habits or to improve any facet of your life, hypnotherapy will help you reach your goals.

hypno1Far removed from the dramatic Dracula stare or “Svengali” effect of supposed mind control, hypnosis simply allows access to the subconscious mind (the most child-like, accepting and suggestible part of our consciousness, which may represent up to 90% of our awareness) to be reconditioned and reorganized.  The subconscious is where most of our automatic habits of thought, emotion and action originate, forming in the receptive theta-brainwave period of childhood before age six.  During hypnosis the mind is fully conscious, awake and aware, but very relaxed.  The client or self-hypnosis practitioner is always in complete control of their actions, but highly open to suggestion, much like a child at play.  Relaxing the body and mind progressively allows the subconscious to become the dominant awareness and is thus capable of being rewired so new habits can be created.

hypno_dreamThe dream-like hypnotic trance can be viewed as a state similar to meditation or an artist’s creative flow.  In the state of peaceful serenity, called a hypnotic induction or light trance, which we experience daily as “twilight” awareness when we fall asleep or begin to awaken, we are able to program the mind for any state of being desired.  This mind-over-matter practice applies to all aspects of living and is a fantastically effective way to make improvements to one’s life, including one’s sense of health and happiness and all related habits.  Hypnotherapy can pick up where other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing practices leave off or can be a more direct road to wellness.  The process of hypnotizing one’s self, called self-hypnosis or autosuggestion, is a reliable way to provide self-help when a quick fix is needed and other modalities fall short.

hypnosis3I have been a practicing certified hypnotherapist, schooled at the Institute of Hypnotherapy in Manalapan, NJ, since 2005.  I’ve helped hundreds of clients to lose weight, stop smoking, overcome phobias and insomnia, improve confidence and concentration in test taking and public speaking and reduce anxiety and depression with an over 95% success rate.  I always tell my clients, “If you have a strong desire to change, I can help you achieve any goal.”  Desire or motivation is the main key to unlocking your potential for change and making positive changes.  We are each truly creatures of habit, but habits can always be broken and then easily replaced by better actions.  Some habits, many of which I named above, need special guidance over several therapeutic sessions from a certified, professional hypnotherapist, licensed counselor or psychotherapist to make the necessary mental breakthroughs so they can be resolved completely.  Chronic conditions like mental illness and behavioral dysfunctions (addictions, eating disorders and other forms of self-abuse, social anxiety and misconduct and depressive disorders) need more specialized mental health counseling that integrative hypnotherapy may be helpful in resolving.  Self-hypnosis should not be considered a substitute for such mental health or medical intervention.  Please contact a medical professional or health care provider if you suffer from any long-term or trauma induced mental, emotional, physical or social disorders. (Click on Black & White Spiral GIF at upper right for hypnotic experience).


Here is an example of a hypnotherapy script I have written to be used for self-hypnosis, which you can use to enhance your holistic health and sense of wellness…

Please DO NOT attempt the following self-hypnosis practice while driving or operating heavy machinery.


(20-Minute Self-Hypnosis for Living in Radiant Good Health)

hypno_closed_eyesMake sure you’re in a relaxed, quiet position with no distractions around you for the next twenty minutes.  Close your eyes for a moment.  Take two deep breaths and think of your favorite or luckiest number.  As you breathe deeply and think of your lucky number, hold the tips of your thumb and index finger of one hand together like an “okay” sign.  This three-step process (thinking of your lucky number, holding your “okay” sign and taking two deep breaths) will be your everyday self-hypnosis practice to reinforce the following script.  Make sure you exhale completely; feeling deeper relaxed with each breath.  Then you may open your eyes to read the following script, but look at it in a vague, dreamy way, with your eyelids very relaxed, as if you’re about to fall asleep.

yoga_mudra_sunSlowly read the following words aloud to yourself, taking long blinks between each sentence, breathing deeply throughout.  Really allow yourself to feel and imagine the following suggestions, listening to your own voice lulling you, like listening to dear and trusted friend telling you a beautiful, magical story.  At the end of the script you may close your eyes for a while and relax.  You may wind up falling asleep for a short time but will awaken feeling refreshed and energized.  Please set an alarm if you need to awaken at a certain time.  Upon reading and hearing the words, “It is so,” you will have programmed a post-hypnotic suggestion for radiant good health that will sink so deep into your subconscious that nothing and no one will every erase it.  It will make so deep and long lasting an impression in your mind that it will positively change your thoughts, feelings and actions in regards to your health for good.  Also, your lucky number, whenever you think of it, hear it or see it, will reinforce and amplify the positive suggestions your about to read…  Now, take another moment to close your eyes, take two deep breaths, think of your lucky number and make the “okay” sign with your fingers.  Once this is done, open your eyes slowly, maintaining the “okay” sign with your thumb and index finger, and begin to read, relaxing as you go…

hypnosis_clock“My mind has become so sensitive, so receptive to the following suggestions that they will sink so deeply into my subconscious mind and make such a permanent impression there that nothing and no one can challenge or erase them: I am deeply relaxed, calm and serene.  I feel tranquil but empowered to make positive changes in my life, in my health.  I am certain of myself as a peaceful, powerful and prosperous person.  I attract only good, healthful experiences to myself and I feel good.  I radiate good health and positive energy.  I’m getting healthier everyday.  I’m becoming slim and trim.  My muscles are feeling toned and strong and my bones are sturdy and supportive.  My joints are feeling flexible and free.  The blood in my veins is flowing gently, nourishing every part of me.  I move through life with ease.  I am attractive.  My skin and hair are beautiful.  My eyes are bright and full of life.  I hear my breath clearly, calmly slowing down now.  I see myself as the Universe does: radiantly healthy, beautiful, perfect, whole and complete in every way.  I’m now thinking “thin” and making the right decisions to keep my body happy and healthy.  I’m willing to give up that which I no longer need to have the health I want.  I am willing to change, heal and grow.  I accept good health as my natural state of being…

breathe_tree_lungsI breathe deeply with ease.  I appreciate the many wonders of my incredible body, brilliant mind, beating heart and beautiful spirit.  I have abundant energy and wake up each morning refreshed and full of enthusiasm for the day ahead.  I take time each morning to count my blessings, set my goals and prepare my body and mind for the day.  I enjoy exercising and taking time for myself to stretch, move, breathe and play.  Challenging myself makes me feel good.  I feel more confident challenging myself to feel better each day.  Food is my fuel and I supply my body with only the best fuel so I feel the best energy and I only eat what I need, easily feeling satisfied and relaxed by the healthiest foods and most moderate portions.  I eat the best foods for my digestion and energy and never need to overeat.  I never need to indulge in foods I know will make me feel less than my best.  I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water everyday.  I eliminate waste from my body regularly, easily and completely.  I let go of any foods or eating habits that are out of synch with my optimum health…

broad_selfI sleep peacefully through the night every night and wake up feeling on top of the world each day.  I know how to relax and rest my body, mind and emotions.  I have a great attitude and sense of humor about life and allow stress to bounce off and away from me.  I know how to feel happy and I feel happier all the time.  I love to feel pleasure and enjoy being playful.  I enjoy my body and the many aspects of my sexual nature.  Feeling good is a natural state for me.  I enjoy my mind and my imagination.  I take time each day to visualize my best possible future and my healthiest, happiest life.  I’m learning how to meditate on feeling good.  It’s getting easier for me to envision my body and my health as beautiful, perfect, whole and complete.  I see myself as more radiant everyday.  Everyday I do activities that make me feel stronger and more energetic.  I create my health with actions and choices that support and empower my fitness and wellness goals…

yoga_sunriseI nourish my body-mind temple and listen to its messages of moderation and temperance.  I love my body, mind and emotions and I treat them with honor and respect.  I am energy in motion!  What I believe, I will achieve.  So I believe my radiant, good health is the substance and supply of my wellness.  I am the cause and effect of my being happy, healthy, wealthy, wise and well.  I create the physical shape, fitness, soundness and well-being I desire.  I allow my body to be a full expression of love, joy, peace and prosperity.  I rejoice in my good health and feel grateful for being healthy.  I release any old, limiting beliefs about my health, diet, mobility, genetics or aging.  I let go of any thought form, image or action that doesn’t support my perfect health.  I let go of the past and I am free from any feelings that don’t fully support my complete wellness.  I feel good and my life is truly a blessing.  My energy continues to grow and I come to live the positive patterns of health I want, need and deserve.  I am one with my own power, my special gift to the world and I feel blissful and full of life!  I live a vigorous, loving life and I love my body and my life more than ever!  My self-hypnosis practice and my lucky number (_) reinforce these truths and the most positive part of me guarantees I will take action on feeling fantastically healthy and being the healthiest, most confident, radiant and vibrant me I can be.  And so it is, all is truly well in my world.  And it is so!”

~Awaken, enlighten and empower yourself… and be well!


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